The main products are: phosphoric acid, sartan biphenyl, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium six phosphate,


  • Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Fengquan District, where Xinxiang City and Huixian City meet.It is situated at the cross region of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Xinxiang-Jiaozuo Railway, Xinxiang-Heze Railway and National Highways 106 and 107 with convenient transportation and superior geographical position.Our company was established in 1983 and has been developed to a comprehensiv......

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    Advanced management methods

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    High quality products

  • 03

    Service quality

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    We have a number of qualifications

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    Qualification certification of export rights

More than 30 years of --production experience


  • Free sampling, technical guidance

    Constantly improve product quality and service quality, and strive for excellence.

  • The principle of small profit and multi sale

    Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, building materials, rubber, petroleum, detergent, cosmetics and other industries.

  • High annual output value

    Huaxing Chemical will provide customers with new business philosophy and enterprise values.

  • Strong enterprise strength

    The fixed net assets are 20 million yuan, and the tax is over million.

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